Answers to how to meet & Find women as a later in life bisexual or bicurious woman. It's a unique and nuanced journey. it has its own set of challenges. You don't have to figure it out on your own!



A mature woman's step by step to finding and meeting women later in life. 

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“I really enjoyed last night's [LIVE] Zoom, the best money I've spent all year. I really enjoyed the boundaries section.”

-S, from the Roadmap live class

A Mature Woman's Roadmap to Finding & Meeting Women

Hey friend!

I've been thinking about your deepest, juiciest challenges when it comes to women and sexuality (BIG thank you to everyone who took my IG poll!) and I feel like I've addressed it… but I've also danced around it. 

I must admit that I've been a bit hesitant to just say the things… but now it's time my friend. 

So with that, I'm teaching A Mature Woman's Roadmap to Finding & Meeting Women!

Check out the details below and don't sleep on this very special offer! 

xoxo -G

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A Mature Woman's Roadmap to Finding & Meeting Women…

Sexuality expands beyond the bedroom and dating is a skill we tend to learn the hard way! This class is created for the mature woman struggling to figure out “bisexual life”. The dating pool is pissy but navigating it as a later-in-life bisexual woman can be a bit more challenging and complicated.


By this big age, we know how to get a man's attention. But a women's… not so much. So what do you do? You can keep winging it OR you can attend this class and get my step-by-step roadmap to find and meet women. Ready for solutions?




Bi-cycles - shifts in attraction/interests between men and women 

Differences between dating men and women 

Where and how to find women online & in person

Dating apps, profile tips & tricks, app strategies

Importance of getting clear on who and what you want

Imposter syndrome, mindset and confidence

Unpacking your sexuality

And more… BE THERE!!!

 I'm giving solutions but is it for you?

This class is for you IF…


You're a 34+ woman wanting to meet and date women


You're exploring your attraction and feeling alone or confused


You feel “new” to or “inexperienced” with women


You have a male partner or was in a long relationship w/ a man


You're shy and lack confidence with women


You don't want to figure it out on your own


You want clarity and connection with like-minded women who understand your journey

special offer


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“When you emphasized that "you gotta do things differently," that also hit home.”

-J, from the Roadmap live class

“I also loved the info on bringing a conversation to a close/closure once it's time to move forward from that particular person. 

(Brilliant in my opinion) thanks again.”

-S, from the Roadmap live class

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G Stone

Life experiences aside, I'm an expert in the field bringing a wealth of information with interesting perspective to help you on your journey. 

My Credentials…

*Certified and Board-Approved Clinical Sexologist

*Certified Master Sexpert 

Founder of "Straight”... But Not Narrow Ladies™ membership community for bisexual, bicurious and queer women

*Relationship & Sexuality Coach 

*Certified Matchmaker

*Wedding Officiant

*TV/Film Intimacy Coordinator


*Retreat/Travel Experience Curator

For many years, I’ve been fascinated with the intersections of gender, race and identity, as well as, the lack of education around topics such as deeper communication, dating, relationships and generational curses. My work is not only an enhanced narration of my own life's journey, but also a desire to share the peace that comes with clarity, transformation and leaning into one's authenticity. 

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“This framework allows me to give myself some grace and take my time/not try to force or rush anything.”

-J, from the Roadmap live class

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